The Cuban vixen claims her husband was tricked by a friend who paid the woman who appears in the video so that he could sell it

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 09, 2008

They say love conquers all, and that may very well be the case for Niurka Marcos and Yanixán. Last week a rep for Marcos had confirmed that the actress was determined to separate from her husband after a video was leaked of Yanixán kissing another woman in Acapulco, México. Now the actress defends her husband wholeheartedly, claiming that his infidelity was provoked by a friend, who set him up in order to sell the video.

“There was someone who was in charge of finding that woman he kissed, only to hurt us and profit from it,” said Marcos on TV progrma Al rojo vivo (Telemundo), during a press hearing in Mexico City to promote her new show, El tenorito cómico.

Her rancorous words were directed more towards the woman her husband kissed than at him: “What he did doesn't hurt me as much as how I feel about that slutty b–ch. I'm not going to abandon [ Yanixán]. I'm not going to give that mousy girl the pleasure.”

“I didn't get him out of Cuba so he could suffer,” referring to her husband. “I did it so he could be happy. He was a victim of negative part of this business,” said Marcos.

However, Marcos couldn't deny that the couple are having a difficulut time. “He's not retarted, he's not stupid. It was premeditated, and he knew what he was doing. I have a heart. I don't know what's going to happen, but right now, he's my friend, and I'm not going to feed him to the wolves.”