Insulting Televisa executives has led two major television stations to ban Marcos

By People Staff
Updated June 24, 2008
JPI Studios

The nasty exchange of accusations made between Niurka Marcos and Carmen Salinas isn't the only scandal that's haunting the Cuban actress these days. According to the website of the Mexican daily El Universal, apparently Marcos talked out of turn again, but this time she's facing the consequences: Televisa and TV Azteca have banned her from their programming.

The actress reportedly disrespected Televisa executives when she called them “incompetent” for canceling her show, Espectacularmente Niurka. And it seems that her lack of tact prompted executives to take immediate action.

According to the daily, the ban became official when executives gave an order to cancel all programming featuring the actress, or anything that would so much as mention her name. There's even speculation that the television station's senior officers contacted TV Azteca to ask them to also punish her. Niurka will comment on the ban within the next couple of days, when she's expected to tape three shows in the port of Acapulco.