Just a month after their divorce, the exes both take another shot at marital bliss

By People Staff
Updated September 04, 2007

Niurka Marcos tied the knot last Friday with the Cuban Yanixán, her fiancé since last Valentine's Day. Not far behind was her ex-husband, Bobby Larios, who also formed a new pair, this time with Argentinean model Daniela Eva Mogetti.

The wedding of the Cuban actress, 39, and new husband took place in an exclusive Acapulco, Mexico property named The House of Ferns. The couple planned on marrying on a beach called Guitarrón, but much to their disappointment, nature had other plans: According to Televisa Espectáculos, a violent storm forced the ceremony to a terrace located inside the grounds.

Only family members and friends attended the event of the Cuban pair, both dressed in white and cream colors, just as the bride had hoped. The only star at the ceremony was Raquel Bigorra. The press had no access to the wedding, as Marcos sold the exclusive story to one publication.

As for Niurka's ex, he wasted no time and also wed, his ceremony a symbolic one. The Mexican actor, 39, married his bride in a ritual inspired by Buddhism and Kabbalah. The lovebirds were united by a guru last weekend on a beach in Miami.

This is the second marriage of Larios, who was married to Marcos from 2004 until their divorce this last July. As for the controversial actress, this is her third marriage. She was first wed to the father of her two oldest children; later she lived in union with Juan Osorio, with whom she had a child; and later she and Larios had a church wedding.