The actress who came back to work on Fuego en la sangre because of popular demand was diagnosed with colon inflammation

Por People Staff
Updated Agosto 12, 2008
Ninel Conde

It looks like Ninel Conde has been overworked and sleep deprived. After her stint on Fuego en la sangre (Univisión) was over, audiences pleaded for her to come back to the story, and when she came back to work, stress took over, inciting a bad case of chronic colitis that forced her to take bed rest.

“I have an intestinal mess going on with this infamous colitis. A lot of actors in he business suffer from it, and my case is chronic because I didn't take care of my nutrition and diet well while working so many strenuous hours, and now my body's paying for it,” said the actress, 37, on the show La oreja (Televisa).

The “El bombón asesino” singer plays Rosario on the soap, and you can see scenes with her this week in which she's ironically lying in a hospital bed. “I told Chava [the producer Salvador Mejía] that I'd be back soon. If not this week, then next week,” said the Mexican actress.

A pesar de los dolores que ha sufrido por la inflamación de su colon, la ex de José Manuel Figueroa no ha querido internarse en ningún hospital y prefiere recuperarse en su hogar. “Creo que sí es una dinámica bastante pesada para uno porque te gusta lo haces y te trasnochas y te levantas temprano, el estómago no perdona, pero gracias a Dios no he requerido hospitalización”, comentó.