The actress was brought to tears when co-star Nora Salinas hit her during a scene of the Spanish-language soap Fuego en la sangre

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 07, 2008

Ninel Conde broke out in tears after she was slapped by actress Nora Salinas, during a scene for the Spanish-language soap Fuego en la sangre (Televisa). Although the slap was part of the scene, Conde complained that her co-star was far too realistic and hit her too hard.

“This is the first time that I have been slapped by a woman for real, and so I thought, “God, it is painful. I think she wanted to do her scene really well and make it look very natural and realistic, but we should have talked about it, and she should have told me how she was going to hit me for real,” said 37-year-old Conde on the Mexican entertainment news show La oreja (Televisa).

According to a witness, actress María Sorte, there was an imprint of Salinas's fingers on Conde's face. “Ninel got very sentimental, and she started to cry because it was the first time in her life that she was the victim of aggression and she felt strange,” Sorte said. “She felt assaulted.”

For her part, 31-year-old confirmed to La oreja that the slap was real, but that she did it because she is a professional. “The script says ‘slap' and there [was] a slap. I think that there would be a problem if it said slap and I hit her in the eyes,” she explained. “I did my job like the professional that I am. She did a good job too. I liked her scene and I told her I did.”