Credit: The Unicode Consortium

The Unicode Consortium will be releasing 72 new emojis later this month. This batch won't as hefty as last year's release but there are new emojis that are perfect for Latinos to use. Here are the emojis us Latinos should get prepared for:

Paella: If you go to your keyboard now, the only emoji option for rice is a plain cup of white rice and Latinos definitely love to spice it up sometimes. This is perfect for when you text family members what's cooking in the kitchen or texting mom what you would like for dinner.

Avocado: It was about time there was an emoji for aguacate. Now, we can celebrate national guac day (Sep. 16) or just celebrate the deliciousness that is avocados with this release.

Dancing man: Who said only women can dance? Latinos definitely can vouch that men are dancers as well. Fellas, you can now break a move a through text.

Goal net: What's an excited soccer text (“GOAAAAALLLLLLLLL”) without a net?

Clinking glasses: Latinos are always up for a good party and this emoji is a sign of good celebration.

Fingers crossed: If you're Latino, you know how superstitious we can be.

Wrestlers: Lucha Libre!

Empandada: This hasn't been confirmed onto the list but it's under consideration as candidate. *Fingers crossed emoji*