The former Univisión host surprised us all by getting remarried, but is she expecting a child as well? We know the truth

Por People Staff
Updated Abril 16, 2008
Myrka: Diego Robledo / Ulysses: Courtesy

On Las tardes calientes, a show on Amor radio (WAMR-FM) 107.5, hosts José Antonio Álvarez and Roxana García insisted that Cuban-American TV personality Myrka Dellanos was pregnant with twins. Dellanos, 42, recently surprised fans by quietly marrying 26-year-old sales executive Ulysses Daniel Alonso in Miami Apr. 6.

The pregnancy news spread like wildfire, but Dellanos denied the baby rumors: “It's not true, at all,” she stated.

The newlyweds, who recently got back from their honeymoon in Rhode Island, are currently living in south Miami with the TV host's 14-year-old daughter, Alexa Loynaz Dellanos, a product of her first marriage.

Even though Dellanos has stayed away from cameras recently, she hasn't put her creative spirit to rest. Her line of jewelry will debut on the Home Shopping Network on May 28.

Her jewelry, manufactured by the prestigious Haskell Jewels company (jewelry manufacturers for Óscar de la Renta and Jennifer López), is inspired by the gemstone treasures Dellanos herself has acquired over the years.

The jewelry line will carry the name Myrka, and its emblem will be an M inside of a heart.