Myrka: Diego Robledo / Ulysses: Courtesy
April 08, 2008 05:00 PM

Former Univisión co-host Myrka Dellanos, 42, tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at her Miami church on Sunday. The groom? Ulysses Daniel Alonso, 26.

A source confirmed exclusively to People En that the couple is currently on their honeymoon.

Dellanos filed the petition for marriage license in Miami-Dade County on March 28. License inquiry number 2008-006674 states that Myrka Bárbara Dellanos – who has been married twice before – and Ulysses Daniel Alonso would like to be married in the eyes of the law.

The former Primer impacto co-host opted for a low-key ceremony to ensure privacy. According to the source, the couple went to the church accompanied only by Dellano’s 14-year-old daughter Alexa Loynaz-Dellanos, and her 75-year-old mother Myrka Aparicio. No other guests were invited.

Dellanos has been happier than ever lately, and now we know why. The couple left for their honeymoon in the northeastern United States as soon as they were officially married.

Dellanos and Alonso, both Cuban, have known each other for many years. “Myrka is very happy,” said the source.

Dellanos told PEOPLE En ESPAÑOL in December: “When I am in a relationship with a person, it’s because I think it is something serious, and I think we could spend the rest of our lives together.”

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