Her agency claims that United Talent Agency, who filed the lawsuit, has no right to charge a commission

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 29, 2008
Myrka Dellanos

When asked how she was receiving the news that United Talent Agency (UTA) was suing her, Myrka Dellanos confessed she had no idea about the suit. “I have no idea what you're talking about,” she said to PeopleEnEspanol.com

Dellanos left it up to her manager, Luis Balaguer, to clear up this alleged breach of contract involving a deal that the former Spanish-language broadcaster had with furniture store Room to Go. “This is extremely surprising to me as her manager, because UTA had absolutely nothing to do with our negotiations with Rooms to Go”, said Balaguer, president of Latin World Entertainment, which reperents Dellanos.

“The only people who worked on that deal were me, [Luis Balaguer] and Fred Bimler, her legal advisor. I assure you, 100 percent, that UTA had nothing to do with Myrka and Rooms to Go”.

In the lawsuit, which was filed in the Supreme Court of Los Angeles, CA, the UTA agency, based in Beverly Hills, claims that between the years of 2003 and 2007, they helped the recently married Dellanos to negotiate a contract with the furniture company Rooms to Go, which has gained her earning about $330,000 annually. The agency claims that the Cuban journalist has already received nearly $1 million, and are demanding that she pay a 10% commission to the agency based on this amount.

“They [UTA] were her agents in the [North American market],” clarified Balaguer, who recommended that Dellanos team up with UTA. “Her work with Rooms to Go was geared towards the Hispanic community.”

Moreover, Dellanos' manager assured that since UTA couldn't get her any work in the American market, other than the defunct So You Think You Can Sing?, the former journalist decided to drop them in 2007.

“Whoever's advising UTA on this matter is doing a really bad job, and they're exposing the agency to a messy legal problem,” said Balaguer. “My next call is to the owners of UTA so they can explain what's going on.”

Dellanos is currently working in Atlanta.