The February edition of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL brings you an exclusive interview with the journalist about her ex Luis Miguel, her TV departure, and the illness that nearly took her life

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 07, 2008

In the February edition of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, you'll find an exclusive interview with Myrka Dellanos, the Cuban journalist whose relationship with ex-boyfriend Luis Miguel turned her into the paparazzi's muse. Find out what she thinks of the Mexican singer's romance with actress Aracely Arámbula, with whom he had a baby boy. “I hope they love each other a lot, because that's the most beautiful thing you can give to a baby,” Dellanos reveals.

Our cover girl also explains all the details about her departure from the small screen and her struggle with diabetes, a disease that nearly cost her life. “The doctor told me: ‘Did you know you could have died if you hadn't come? You could have had a heart attack,'” she shares of a visit to the doctor's that resulted in a diagnosis of high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes. “At my age, feeling like that could have happened, [I told myself:] ‘Oh my God, thank you, you've given me another chance,'” says the talented TV presenter, who plans on writing two books in 2008, taking a crack at fashion design and traveling to Latin America and India to continue her philanthropic efforts.

In addition to our interview with Dellanos, you'll also find a diet special featuring the amazing weight loss feat of Raúl de Molina, who tells us how he shed 56 pounds in just four months. The El Gordo y la Flaca (Univisión) co-host discusses his new healthy lifestyle, which “has changed my life. I eat more than I did before: small portions every three hours.” He also talks about his exercise routine, which includes kickboxing, abdominal workouts and weightlifting.

The diet special also includes the stories of other celebrity weight loss champs: Mexican actress Angélica Vale, who lost 16 pounds; Puerto Rican reggaeton star Don Omar, who lost a whopping 75 pounds; and Despierta América (Univisión) co-host Raúl González, who also lost an amazing 75 pounds.

And to top it all off, we've also got chilling details about Mexico's so-called cannibal poet, José Luis Calva Cepeda, and his supposed suicide. PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL spoke exclusively with Soledad Garabito Fernández, the mother of Alejandra Galeana Garabito, a young girl who was found literally in pieces at Calva Cepeda's house. “Divine justice brings forth justice on Earth,” Garabito says, recognizing that the death of Calva Cepeda wouldn't bring back her child. “What hurts me the most is not having said goodbye to my daughter. Not being able to give her a kiss, touch her, kiss her, see her hair and her eyes and being able to say goodbye.”

PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, February edition, on sale Jan. 7