A judge lifted the restraining order against the Cuban broadcaster's husband. "I'm not afraid of him," said Dallanos in the hearing.

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 04, 2008
Myrka Dellanos y Ulysses Alonso
Credit: Cortesía Myrka Dellanos

In the latest chapter on domestic violence involving the Cuban news anchor Myrka Dellanos and her husband Ulysses Alonso, a Miami, FL judge lifted a restraining order intitially requested by Dellanos against Alonso after the couple had a violent argument.

Dellanos,43, and Alonso, 27, attended the hearing, headed by judge Victoria del Pino, to lift the restraining order against him after he attacked her in their Miami home on August 8.

During the brief hearing, the judge asked Dellanos “Do you fear this man?” and she responded: “No, no I don't.” The restraining order was then immediately lifted.

With judge Del Pino's ruling, the couple left the court together (through the back door, to avoid the paparazzi) and Alonso was able to return to the house he shares with Dellanos and her family, since the two got married this past April.

The hearing marked the first time Dellanos and Alonso have seen each other since he was arrested by Pinecrest, FL police on August 25, when he voluntarily turned himself in. Two weeks before the arrest, the couple started going to family and marriage therapy.

According to the police report Alonso threatened to kill her when he followed her into their bedroom, threw her on the bed, and cut her upper lip when he allegedly inhibited her from breathing with his hand.

The altercation continued two hours later when Alonso returned to their residence, and pushed Alonso before leaving the home with his belongings. At that point, Dellanos called the police in fear that he would return because she was concerned about her family's safety.