Por Jorge Clar
Updated Septiembre 03, 2013
Myrka Dellanos, Marcos Witt, Gallery Festival 12 moments
Credit: Robin Jerstad/Invision for People Español/AP Images

Christian singer and pastor Marcos Witt and Cuban-American TV presenter Myrka Dellanos discussed spirituality beyond religion at a Sunday panel discussion on the stage of the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas, as part of Festival People en Español's daytime activities.

Witt emphasized that forgiveness is essential in living happy lives. “Doctors have discovered that the lack of forgiveness on our behalf can lead to the bitterness that causes cancer and affects the cells of our body. This is why we have to learn to forgive. When we don't forgive, that other person is controlling us. Many people live in illness because of this lack of forgiveness. Living with bitterness, fear, anguish…we have to learn to let go of those things,” said Witt as the main point of this presentation.

Dellanos commented that when she talks about topics related to God, “people think that I am getting ready to point the finger at them.” Witt said that “God loves us so much; he is not pointing fingers at anybody. Unfortunately, many people do point fingers, and that's not the point.”

Witt emphasized the importance of setting forth an example though our actions. “if someone wants their relative to be a good person, be a good person to your relative,” he said.

Dellanos mentioned that people sometimes think she is becoming a religious fanatic when she talks about these matters. “This has nothing to do with religion,” she said. “It's about love, affection and being able to live your life in peace within life's tribulations.”

Witt encouraged the crowd to read the Gospels of the Bible, as well as the Psalms, which are “poetic books that help with devotion and connection with God.”

As part of the presentation, Witt got on the piano and sang some of his classic inspirational tunes, like “Tu fidelidad” (Your Faithfulness), “Renuévame” (Renew Me) and “Me has tomado en tus brazos” (You've Taken Me In Your Arms), which inspired a sing along with arms raised in the air.

“Music is something beautiful,” Witt said. “I love my Grammys, but I'm not impressed by them. What impacts me and feeds my soul is to see people getting closer to God [though my music].”