25 mujeres más poderosas 2012, María Marín
Credit: Cortesía

María Marín is one of the most inspiring speakers coming to the 2013 Festival People en Español. Her entire career has been focused on helping others. This life coach guru has chosen a very important and current topic for her presentation in San Antonio: “Working women: Where is the love.”

At slightly more than two months away from enjoying her appearance, we've asked her to share a few minutes with us to talk about Festival.

1. What does Festival People en Español mean to you?

For me it represents a great opportunity for the entire Latin community to gather, have fun, learn and share together. It is also an amazing place to enjoy our favorite stars.

2. What would you like to achieve with your participation at Festival?

My purpose is to help women grow stronger and gain confidence. With my presentation, I am going to bring inspirational words and good humor, besides of a lot of valuable information.

3. Why did you choose this topic: “Working women: Where is the love?”

Of all the topics in the world, love is the one that most concerns women. That is our weakest spot. That's why I wrote my book: Si soy tan Buena, ¿por qué estoy soltera? (If I'm such a good woman, how come I'm single?). I will also be talking about women's careers, another vital topic to us.

4. From all the big stars coming to Festival this year, who do you admire the most?

I admire them all. But, right now, I feel inspired by the Mexican-American boxer Marlen Esparza. This woman has broken many barriers in what has been a men's only field for a long time. And not the mention the Olympic medal she won in London in 2012. We will be sharing the stage in one of my presentations.

5. Of all the concerts, which you don't want to miss?

I don't want to miss anyone, but if only Wisin y Yandel could sing my favorite song, Estoy enamorada [I'm in love], I'll be delighted!

6. What do you think makes San Antonio such a great city to visit?

Its people and culture impress me. Go downtown and you'll see why it's such a fun city. Above all, you won't want to miss the River Walk, it's a must.

7. Tell us three things you like to do in your spare time.

I adore reading, love hiking, and most of all, crying with laughter at a comedy club!