The Mexican band talked to Peopleenespañ about their new album and shared the secrets of their solid friendship.

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 08, 2008
Credit: Warner Music

Spending all day and night with three other people -for an entire month- inside a recording studio can't be easy! But somehow the members of the Mexican pop quartet Motel managed to survive. This experience not only strengthened their friendships, it was the genesis of 17, a new album that promises to be a hit.

In an interview with Peopleenespañ, Pepe Damian -Motel's 32-year-old drummer- revealed some of the reasons behind the band's great chemistry. He and fellow band members: 27-year-old guitarist Billy Mendez, 28-year-old singer Rodrigo Davila and 29-year-old bassist Ruben Puente have made music together for the past six years…and loved every second of it!

Tell us all about your new album “17”
We recorded it last year. We were living in a recording studio in Los Angeles for a month. We were completely devoted to carefully selecting every sound. It was a live recording of the four of us playing together. That's something we have wanted to do for a long time. It's really different from our previous album, it reflects the maturity and solidity we are experiencing now as a band.

Why the title?
One of the songs is titled “17” and we all love that song. We're really into it because it reflects really well where the rest of the album is going.

What have the past six years together been like?
We have experienced many things as a band and as friends: touring, recording… Sometimes coexisting is not easy, but incredibly, we have managed to get along even better now after being in the band six years.

How have you managed that?
We have a great technique to alleviate our problems. We do a feedback exercise. It's very common in some companies. We hold frequent meetings where we talk openly and tell one another the things that are bothering us. We tell each other the truth. It's a really good pressure release valve.

Who implemented this technique?
It's a courtesy of my wife (26-year-old Veronica Aguilera).

What is the secret to the band's success?
We all had a clear picture from the beginning of the kind of music we wanted to make, and the direction we wanted to lead the band in. Also people seem to be really open to listening to new types of genres. The same guy who listens to reggaeton, also listens to rock and pop, so there is a bigger audience for all types of music. I think it also has to do with the digital era we live. We practically started off on Myspace, that's where a lot of people got to know us. Now we use the internet to stay connected to our fans through our homepage

Where will you be in the next few months?
We are starting to promote the album and launching a big tour. We will go to Mexico, the United States, and later to Spain Argentina and Chile.

what are your long-term plans?
All four of us wish for a lengthy career, we want to spend many years recording albums.