September 24, 2007 03:00 PM

Russian exotic dancer Milana Dravnel, who admitted to taking the scandal-causing photographs that supposedly show Óscar De La Hoya dressed as a woman, now says she can’t confirm whether or not the images are real. She also insists that she was pressured into going public with the photos of the 34-year-old boxer with whom she says she had a platonic relationship.

“I cannot personally verify the authenticity of the images,” Dravnel, 22, told the New York Daily News. Although she admits the photos were taken with her personal camera, the also model said she lost a disk that contained the images after showing them to a friend at a birthday party. Still, she would not confirm whether the images had been altered in Photoshop.

Dravnel could face a lawsuit from De La Hoya, whose legal representative wants to defend the good name of his client. Last week, Bertram Fields, the Mexican boxer’s lawyer, told that “Oscar does know the woman…But he assures me that the photos are phony.”

Nonetheless, the woman assures that it was not her decision to hand over the photos. “I was pressured into going public with the photos by certain individuals who had improper motives and acted solely for their own financial gain. I have not received any money from the sale or use of these photos,” she added. She wouldn’t give more details, but the young woman admitted to having a relationship with singer Millie Corretjer’s husband: “Mr. De La Hoya and I had a platonic relationship. We did not have intimate relations.”

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight (CBS) that will air tonight, Dravnel denies that the photos had been altered. But she now takes back what she told ET. “I only agreed to do a television interview … after I received numerous threats from people who were in control of the images. Many quotes that were attributed to me in the media are false and inaccurate, as were some statements I made on Entertainment Tonight,” she explained.

The dancer also mentioned that she asked, the agency that published the images on their website, to remove the photos that caused this whole scandal. “I apologize to Mr. De La Hoya for any embarrassment I caused him and his family,” she added.

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