Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Abril 02, 2016
Kris Connor/Getty Images

Model-turned-designer Coco Rocha has lauched her new brand Co+Co by Coco Rocha alongside her husand James Conran. The couple partnered with Paragon Project, a fashion company based in Los Angeles, who Rocha feels is the “perfect team.” Described by Rocha as “a mix of athleisure and streetwear,” Co+Co aims to provide women with comfortable and cool options in department stores since the majority of them only offer boho-style brands. We were able to sit down with the designer and get a sense of what the line is about.

What was the motivation behind starting your fashion line?

“My husband and I thought athleisure was missing in the market in our price point. A very smart, educated girl who loves fashion, she goes to her department store and all she is offered is usually boho or hipster. Athletic leisure was missing in the market and we thought that was the pinpoint we wanted to hit.”

What was your inspiration behind your spring/summer collection?

“We were obsessed with the material scuba. I'm obsessed with anything I could throw into my luggage and take out and I don't have to do anything but then still look cool. It's a material were not accustomed to and I thought that was intriguing. We wanted to use pieces more in the athletic world, not necessarily what we wear day in, day out. And I think that's what's been drawing people's attention to it. ”

What are your 3 wardrobe essentials for spring?

“Mesh top. Shirtdress. And cute sport bras­— a lot of people think if you're wearing athletic wear, you have to go to the gym and that's just not the case. It could be real cute just wearing it to brunch, dinner or going out with friends. Just making it colorful and cute.”

Do you have any future projects you can tell us about?

“Co+Co is a future project that we've been trying to make for a year now so I'm just proud of the proud of the fact that we've accomplished what we wanted to do for the past year. Co+Co is something that we're very focused on right now.”

Co+Co by Coco Rocha is available now at cocorocha.com.