As if taking a cue from last year's winner, the current Miss USA, Crystle Stewart, bites the dust in her evening gown

By People Staff
July 14, 2008 02:00 PM
Getty Images

Is this the beginning of a Miss USA curse? The Miss Universe contest in Vietnam turned out to be treacherous for the USA representative Crystle Stewart, who fell flat on her bottom during the evening gown segment, just like it happened last year with former Miss USA Rachel Smith.

“I was walking and I tripped on my gown, and before I fell, I felt like I had skates on instead of heels,” said the 25-year-old contestant on The Today’s Show (NBC). It was an unfortunate fall for Stewart, who was racking up points from the judges before being quickly eliminated from the group.

“You never think it’s going to happen to you, but well, I’m a human being, and when I fell, the only thing I thought was, I have to get up, and make light of the situation, so that’s why I clapped a little,” said the reigning USA queen, who, unlike her predecessor last year in Mexico, was not booed off the stage.

“After this experience, my advice to the next Miss USA would be to wear a shorter dress and more sturdy heels,” said Stewart.