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July 22, 2016 09:40 PM

As of this afternoon, Puerto Rican beauty queen, Genesis Davila, has been dethroned after just one week of winning the crown, reported Local 10 News in Miami, Florida.

The former Miss Florida USA won the state title after being accused of violating pageant regulations. 

“Whether it’s something major or minor, it’s all about keeping an equal and level playing field. Unfortunately, our title holder sought an unfair competitive advantage, and that’s just not acceptable in our system,” said Grant Gravitt, executive producer of the Miss Florida USA pageant.

Multiple complaints were made from contestants and eyewitnesses of Davila using professional stylists for hair and makeup, which is not allowed in the pageant.  

“We finally had substantial proof to link her and her vendors to her room on an evening which they were not allowed,” Gravitt said to the local news channel. “When one steps out of line, it’s not fair to the other 64.”

The crown now goes to the runner-up, Linette de Los Santos, a Nova Southeastern University law student born in the Dominican Republic. 

The new titleholder has already added “Miss Florida USA 2017” to her bio on Instagram.

“They always tell you if the winner cannot fulfill her duties then the first runner-up would assume the title,” De Los Santos told Local 10 News in Miami, FL. “But you never really think that’s going to happen, especially so close.”

Davila will no longer qualify to compete for the Miss USA crown nor will she be allowed to compete at Miss Universe. The 23-year-old and her lawyers are going to fight for the crown. “She’s still Miss Florida. She’s still Miss Florida USA. Justice is going to be served,” said her attorney Mayra Joll.

De Los Santos will be competing at the 2017 Miss USA pageant representing Florida.

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