Por Thatiana Diaz
Updated Septiembre 12, 2016
Camille Sims
Credit: Donald Kravitz/Getty Images

Host Chris Harrison began the 2017 Miss America pageant stating it has no affiliation with any presidential candidate but that didn't mean politics was off the table.

In the interview portion of the night, most of the contestants were asked political questions and while some tried to remain neutral, Miss New York Camille Sims took a stance.

When asked what she thought of Donald Trump, Sims replied: “I think that he's a great reminder of how our country needs to come together. If you don't agree with his message, then it's time to decide where you stand in this debate.”

She continued: “As Americans we need to make sure that we come together, represent what it means to be American, which is celebrating all people from all backgrounds, whether you're an immigrant, or a Native American, or an African American or an Asian American.”

Sims was praised on social media, as many believe that although she didn't win the Miss America crown, she took the Q&A round with her powerful and eloquent answer.

She was named second runner-up while Miss Arkansas took home the Miss America crown.