Red Lobster
Credit: Paulo Fridman/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Millennials have spoken and the results from a survey done by Nation's Resturant News reveal that Red Lobster is their top choice for dining out.

The news comes as a surprise to Red Lobster CEO Kim Lopdrup, who says the chain hasn't been targeting millennials.

“Red Lobster is not the first place people think of as a favorite restaurant for millennials,” Lopdrup told Business Insider. “It's particularly interesting because we have not been explicitly targeting millennials. We've just been focusing on making improvements overall.”

But why is the restaurant making a comeback after it's two-year decline?

The company has been doing what young adults love to do: keeping up with trends. They have been catering its menu to new food trends including lobster tacos and bourbon shrimp.

Millennials also love getting their moneys worth and Red Lobster increased the size of their shrimp while also improving the tastes of their plates.

And of course… drinks. The restaurant now offers a new line of alcoholic beverages to encourage customers to dine in.

“Millennials are very social,” Lopdrup said. “They like to share experiences with friends and they like to dine in groups, and Red lobster is well set up to handle large parties.”

Beyoncé also referenced the chain in a song in her latest album, Lemonade causing sales to go up 33% the day following the release. So does this prove Beyoncé always knows the deal?