The actress will spend time behind bars for violating probation in her DUI case, says she's doing "just fine"
Michelle Rodriguez

Actress of Puerto Rican and Dominican descent Michelle Rodríguez will spend six months in a Los Angeles jail for violating probation in a DUI case. Superior Court Judge Daviann Mitchell ordered the 29-year-old actress to report to prison no later than Dec. 24, spend 180 days there, and complete 30 days of highway cleanup duty.

“[She] admitted violating her probation by failing to provide proof of completion of her community service and for consuming alcohol three times while wearing an alcohol-monitoring device,” the Los Angeles City Attorney's office said in a statement.

The City Attorney's office also recently said that the actress had turned in falsified documents claiming that she'd completed one day of community service on Sept. 25. Rodríguez later admitted that she was in New York that day.

Despite the sentence, the former Lost star is reported to be doing fine. A posting on her MySpace page today says: “Yes, it's true. 180 days in county jail. That is her sentence…But all is well. She is and will be just fine. Just hours after this ruling, she's as positive as ever…Michelle will still be leaving for New Zealand to film James Cameron's Avatar and will then report back to turn herself in to serve her sentence on Christmas Eve. Michelle is a survivor and is always growing from her experiences, and this will be no different.”

Rodríguez has been on probation for various infractions. Her first arrest was in December 2003 in Hollywood for driving under the influence and having an expired driver's license. The second arrest happened in December 2005, when she got taken in for driving while intoxicated in Honolulu. In 2006, she served only four hours and 20 minutes of a sentence for the second DUI arrest.