Reyli, Camila and Timbiriche have started a campaign to collect funds for victims of the natural disaster

Mexican singer Reyli and the groups Timbiriche and Camila have announced the creation of Cantando por Tabasco (Singing for Tabasco), a campaign to raise money for flood victims in Tabasco and Chiapas, states of the southeast region of the country, according to Mexican newspaper El Universal.

“We're here, less than 24 hours after Reyli called me. He told me they'd been chatting with [other Mexicans] like Aleks Syntek, Alejandro Fernández, Alejandro Guzmán. We're here to grab the attention of the artistic community and of everyone,” said Benny Ibarra, member of Timbiriche. The group, also involved with the campaign Save the Children, later announced that they're trying to set up a benefit concert with other artists on one of the dates from the remainder of their tour.

Reyli, who will donate all of the profits from his Nov. 22 concert to the victims, came up with the idea of the campaign. He plans to set up a bank account for the collected funds and hopes that the bank chosen for the account will double the amount collected.

The stars were inspired by Mexican singer Alejandro Fernández, who gave all the profits from his concert last week in Guadalajara to those affected by the floods in Tabasco. “Alejandro Fernández started something great when he donated; that motivated us. Camila, Benny, Alejandro and I are going to manage the bank account. On Nov. 30 we'll disclose how much has been collected and what we will use [the funds] for. We're not all going to do a concert together, because that would be expensive and less profitable for the people of Tabasco,” Reyli explained.

As for Camila, the band will give a concert on Nov. 11 in Querétaro whose proceeds will go to the cause. Mexican TV host Adal Ramones also wants to contribute and will do a monologue show to raise money for the affected Tabasco citizens.