The singer's mother says Pau didn't authorize the photo that shows her wearing only the Mexican flag

By People Staff
October 10, 2007 05:00 PM

Mexican actress Susana Dosamantes has come to the defense of her daughter, Paulina Rubio. The Golden Girl’s mother says that the 36-year-old singer didn’t authorize a Spanish magazine to publish a photo of her draped in the Mexican flag and wearing nothing else.

“I’m not sure if the photo has been doctored, but I do know that there’s a studio that took [some photos] of Paulina seven years ago that she didn’t authorize to be published. If you look at the picture, you’ll realize that it’s not current, or real,” the artist’s mother expressed.

The songstress appears on the cover of the publication’s October issue wearing a dress, but on the inside, she’s captured sporting only the flag. Dosamantes pointed out that the photos on the inside are different from the cover shot. “They’re fabricating the news and deceiving the public; that’s very serious,” she remarked.

According to Mexican paper Reforma, the Social Communication office of the Mexican government is investigating why the singer used the flag for the picture. Officials will try to determine if the photographs were in fact doctored and if they’ll be used for profit. Mexican law says that an individual can use or exhibit the flag, but must respect it as a national symbol and handle it with care.

If found guilty of not respecting her country’s symbol, the Golden Girl could be fined up to 250 times the minimum wage and face 36 hours of jail time.

“They’re trying to create a scandal as if this were happening right now. It’s like if someone took a picture of you and you didn’t authorize it, eight years go by and they try to act like it’s today. Look at the hair and the makeup, her face has a different shape to it,” Dosamantes explained to La oreja (Televisa). The actress added that it’s “pathetic” that they’re trying to turn this into a crime and fine her daughter around 50,000 pesos.