Por Isis Sauceda
Updated Septiembre 03, 2015
Adriana Barraza y su hija Ana Carolina Valsagna
Credit: Gabriel Machado for MCM Studio

Adriana Barraza told People En Español in an exclusive interview she was diagnosed with breast cancer during the summer, and has recently begun radiation treatment.

“Saying ‘I have cancer' is tough,” the actress admitted in an interview from her home in Argentina. “I had to ponder for a while before I could even say it. The first person I told was my husband [the actor Arnaldo Pipke]. He was in shock, it was a shock for both of us.”

Before knowing more about the illness, Barraza admitted to fearing for her life. “I thought I was going to die, that came first,” she said. “But then I started to read that 90% of breast cancer cases are treatable if detected on time.”

The actress was glad to have her cancer detected at the right moment. Now she wants to raise awareness about the importance of proper medical examination.

“My intention is for this to be an opportunity to disseminate the fact that detecting cancer on time makes a difference,” she explained. “I hope my words can help someone in the same situation as mine.”

During a June 25th operation, a small tumor was removed from Barraza's body.

“I didn't lose my breast; I am very happy. I'm recovering very well,” said the Oscar-nominated actress.

The entire interview will be published in Spanish in the October issue of People en Español, on sale Friday.