The magazine Paparazzi claims that Argentinean actress Dolores Fonzi is pregnant with his child

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 02, 2008
Jeff Vespa/Getty Images; Getty Images

Gael García Bernal could become a dad in just a few months. This week's cover story of Argentinean magazine Paparazzi says that actress Dolores Fonzi will soon give birth to the Mexican actor's child.

Allegedly, the 29-year old actor and director and Fonzi, who is his same age, began dating a few years ago while they filmed the movie Vidas privadas. They also worked together in Soy tu fan, a mini series written by Fonzi.

The magazine claims they have had a rocky relationship that has alternated between romance and friendship. Supposedly after several months without seeing each other, they reunited at García Bernal's apartment in New York. It was also rumored that Fonzi had traveled to Mexico on various occasions to visit an alleged “friend.” Is the Amores Perros star following the footsteps of his best friend Diego Luna, who is also expecting a child with his girlfriend, actress Camila Sodi? Interesting timing!

Calls for comments to the actor's reps were not immediately returned.