More: Carlos Vives Is Criticized and Alvin Valley Receives the Oscar

GETTING ON WITH IT Mariah Carey will debut this week as a designer through Glamorized by Mariah Carey, her own line of accessories and jewelry. Butterflies –the singer and actress's symbol– abound in the collection and it is directed at a youthful public. “Hello girls, I am very excited to share my new line of jewelry and accessories with you,” read the announcement for the new line on Carey's Website. “Use it and you will feel like a hot tamale.” Seriously?

SCOLDED It appears that the actions of Carlos Vives at the Barranquilla festival, Colombia, didn't leave everyone happy. Armando Benedetti, Colombia's Ex- Minister of Communications, complained that Vives and his partner, Claudia Helena, held up the carnival's opening parade for 52 minutes to record a publicity video aboard the float they were riding. The ex-official described the event as an “unpardonable abuse” that “left a ‘bad impression'” among those present. For its part, the broadcaster Radio Caracol added more fuel to the fire, maintaining that the video “created chaos at the event.” It remains to be seen if they will want Vives to come back again.

GOLDEN NIGHT On the eve of the Oscars there was not only cause for anxiety for the stars but also for everyone who works behind the scenes. And if that's not enough, they asked the Cuban-American designer Alvin Valley, who a few days ago set up in a Hollywood hotel to help several celebrities choose the model who would look good on the red carpet. Among the stars that passed through his operations center were Wynona Ryder, Roselyn Sánchez, Paula Abdul, Molly Sims and Valley's fiancée: Paulina Rubio, who will attend one of the post-Oscar parties.

VISIONARY Next Tuesday Ama de Verdad, Vive de Verdad (Berkley), the new book by Alberto Cutié, better known as Padre Alberto, is released for sale. In the book, the Catholic priest, son of Cuban exiles and born in Puerto Rico, attempts to give couples a guide to achieve more solid and lasting relationships, offering tips on “how to overcome problems and strengthen love.” Sounds helpful…