The Mexican journalist tells us about her departure from the morning show Cada día and her hope to go back to being a news anchor

Por People Staff
Updated Enero 31, 2008
Maria Antonieta Collins
Credit: Alexander Tamargo/GETTY IMAGES

Telemundo TV host María Antonieta Collins is saying goodbye to the morning show Cada día so that she can return to her true passion: being a news anchor. In the March edition of PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL, the 55-year-old journalist talks to us about the reasons behind her decision and her plans for the future.

After hosting the morning show for two years, Collins decided not to renew her contract with the network, which is up this August. She explained that if Telemundo wants her finish out her contract, she'll do it.

The journalist isn't ruling out the possibility of heading back to Univisión, where she previously worked as a news presenter, a position that wasn't an option for her at Telemundo. Collins also pointed out that she's taking the advice of her late husband, Fabio Fajardo, who'd noticed that the work was taking her away from her home life.

After overcoming the grief of losing her Fajardo, Collins is ready to put all of her energy into her professional passion. “Now that Fabio's gone, journalism is my life,” the talented TV presenter said.