Por Alexander Mabry
Updated Junio 21, 2013

Marcos Witt is looking forward to be at Festival People en Español for two special reasons: “I'm in love with this beautiful city, and it's great that People en Español provides this great opportunity [for the Latin culture]. Any chance to celebrate our traditions and culture is wonderful”, he affirms.

Witt is a well-recognize Christian singer and author who has already won five Latin Grammys. With his attendance to Festival he wants to bring everyone closer to their spirituality. “[I want] to be a light, an inspiration for people to look at God.”

As a San Antonio expert, Witt points out a few musts to visit. “I enjoy very much going up to the Tower of the Americas,… And, if you have the chance, spending a day at Breckenridge Park, visiting its Zoo or just having fun at the country side, it's the perfect plan.” We can't wait to see him at Festival People en Español!