While rumors of their supposed romance spread, the Dominican actor talked to us about his relationship with the Mexican actress

Por Yoselín Acevedo / NYC
Updated Noviembre 05, 2007
Angelica Vale y Manny Perez

It all started on Oct. 26, when Manny Pérez showed up at the Miami premiere of his new film Bella with Angélica Vale on his arm. Rumors of a romance went flying immediately. And even though they haven't confirmed that they're together, the Dominican actor told People en Espanol.com exclusively that they're having a good time getting acquainted.

“We're getting to know each other. She's marvelous. We've got the same sense of humor. She's someone I enjoy talking to,” Pérez, 38, said.

The actor, who also starred in El cantante, revealed that he met the star of La fea más bella, 31, last month at PEOPLE EN ESPAÑOL's bash for the 50 Most Beautiful Stars.

Angélica María's daughter had similar things to say about their relationship. “Well…we're getting to know each other…We both have a really great sense of humor, we always like to make fun of ourselves…He's also a great actor and that's special,” she expressed to an entertainment magazine.

As for dealing with the distance – she's in Miami, he's in New York – Pérez explained that they send text messages and speak on the phone every day, and they try to see each other often. “The reason I'm not in Miami right now is because I'm in New York promoting Bella, but if I had the opportunity I'd be in Miami right now, if I had to go to Mexico, I'd do it,” he admitted.

For the time being, the actor, recently named one of New York's sexiest bachelors by Gotham magazine, doesn't want to give up too many details about their relationship. “I don't want things to get ruined,” he said.