The Dominican actor denied that he's using her daughter, Angélica Vale, for publicity
Manny Perez
Credit: Pieter Henket

After Angélica María said on La oreja (Televisa) that Manny Pérez, 38, is pretending to date her daughter, actress Angélica Vale, to get famous, the Dominican actor responded with the following message:

“Before all else, I want to send a cordial greeting to Mrs. Angélica María, whom I admire and respect as a woman and a professional. I would like to respond to her comments about my friendship with her daughter Angélica Vale, a woman I very much adore and appreciate as a person and for her unique talent.”

“I want to clarify that I have never used Angélica Vale's name for the sake of publicity. I've never stated that we're a couple or together; instead, when I've been interviewed or asked about her I've said that we're getting to know each other and that we're friends.”

“We've spoken and we're on the same page, and if something comes out of this friendship, it would be something natural. And I want to repeat, I have great respect for Angélica María and her daughter Angélica Vale.”

“Thanks to God, I've been in this industry for 15 years, and working very hard. This year 2007 has been the most productive year of my career, with 12 movies, four of which have made it to the big screen, and I've worked with some of the most famous Latinos in Hollywood, like Jennifer López, Marc Anthony, Colin Farrell, Ed Norton, Eduardo Verástegui, among other important North American actors, which is why I don't need anyone to make my work more famous. I respect acting, I respect the industry and I don't have control over what the press says.”

Manny Pérez”

With these words, the actor denied the accusation that he's using the 32-year-old actress for publicity, as her mother, 63, claimed.