After his sister's suicide, the Puerto Rican asked for privacy so he can grieve the loss

Por People Staff
Updated Septiembre 16, 2008
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Manny Manuel is going through one of the most difficult moments of his life, facing the death of his sister Enid Hernández Santiago, who committed suicide on Sunday morning in Caguas, Puerto Rico.

Enid Hernández Santiago took her life with a gun that belonged to her ex, policewoman Jessica Rodríguez Hernández, who allegedly would not rekindle her relationship with Santiago. According to sources, Santiago told her friends and family that she would kill herself if she couldn't have a relationship with Rodríguez Hernández.

Her brother released this statment to the press:

“I appreciate your interest and support in this matter throughout the past few days. As you know, my family and I are going through a very difficult period, and hope to find the strength in God to overcome this. I ask you to please respect the privacy and space that we need as a family right now in order to deal with this terrible loss and tragedy. I appreciate your support and thank you all.”

According to El nuevo día, the 34-year-old's funeral will be held in Villalba.