Lead vocalist Fher Olvera recently endorsed the Democratic presidential candidate

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 30, 2008

With only five days remaining until the next Unites States presidential election, Barack Obama received warm support from Maná, who for the first time announced their political inclinations.

“We feel like Barack Obama's potential triumph is an opportunity to make history, and to help change the racial tensions that exist in this country. The Obama campaign has transcended race and has united the country. It's united blacks, latinos, asians, and native Americans, and people of all ages throughout the United States,” said Fher, 48.

“Republicans have done very little for the latin community. Where are those promised immigration reforms that will allow millions of immigrants to work here without being persecuted like delinquents?,” said Fher, adding “it's time to support the change that Barack Obama promises. A light at the end of the tunnel,” said the singer.