The vocalist called the Venezuelan president a dictator and showed his support for Alejandro Sanz

Por People Staff
Updated febrero 19, 2008
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Fher Olivera, singer for the band Maná, is standing up for Alejandro Sanz. The Mexican vocalist called Venezuelan authorities unjust for keeping the Spanish artist from giving a concert in the South American country last Feb. 14.

“This is about a universal injustice, not just in Venezuela. No president can prohibit art. It's like what the PRI political party would do years ago in Mexico – they wouldn't let you see concerts, and you would have to see Queen and other bands outside of the country. That's why we support Sanz, because the Chávez [administration] is a dictatorship, and a free country should let art be made available,” the 48-year-old singer said at a press conference in Mexico.

Fher was one of the 85 celebrities who supported Sanz by signing a letter of disapproval of the Venezuelan authorities' actions. The Maná singer also insinuated that the Hugo Chávez government has promoted a climate of fear in the country. “If people are afraid to say anything then something is wrong…The Venezuelan community doesn't deserve to have artists taken from them,” he reiterated.