brings you "Más que amor," the song from Making Menudo's 15 finalists, in English and Spanish

The casting's over. Of the hundreds of young people who auditioned in Miami, Dallas, Los Angeles and New York, only 15 were chosen to participate in Making Menudo, a reality series dedicated to finding five band members to form a new international music phenomenon.

The 15 finalists –Anthony, Christopher, Trevor, Eric, Carlos Peña, Thomas, Henri, Jorge Negrón, Carlos, Hansel, Jorge Gabriel, JC, Dennis, José and José Monti– are currently in Miami undergoing an intense voice and dance training program called Menudo Boot Camp, according to Epic Records.

Listen to “Más que amor”

The reality show will last 10 weeks. Every week, three finalists will have 72 hours to learn a surprise song, which will include singing and a dance routine. After practicing, they'll present their song and choreography in front of hundreds of fans and a panel of judges headed by Johnny Wright, who's worked with celebrities like Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake. Of the 15 finalists, 10 will be eliminated throughout the program, and five will be left standing in the end to form the new Menudo. The band members will win a contract with Epic Records, an album recording session, a world tour and millions of screaming fans.

“The new Menudo will have a contemporary, hip-urban-rhythm sound and will be represented by Menudo Entertainment and legendary manager Johnny Wright,” the company said through a press release.

During the series, the aspiring band members will be visited by artists like Howie D of the Backstreet Boys, Frankie J, Wilmer Valderrama and the president of Epic Records, Charlie Walk.

The series will premiere Oct. 25 on MTV at 10:30 p.m., Eastern and Pacific Time.