Justin Timberlake introduced the pop diva with a sexually charged speech at the New York ceremony

Por People Staff
Updated Marzo 11, 2008
Iggy Pop, Madonna y Justin Timberlake

In a ceremony full of humor and sexually innuendos, singer Justin Timberlake inducted Madonna into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame at an exclusive hotel in New York Monday night.

At the event, the 49-year-old pop legend talked about her road to success, explaining that even the people who “said I was talentless, that I was chubby, that I couldn't sing, that I was a one-hit wonder, they helped me, too,” she said. “They inspired me because they made me question myself repeatedly and pushed me to be better.”

Timberlake, 27, peppered his induction speech with sexual innuendos, praising Madonna for her “shapely body of work,” and how she's “always been a woman on top” who “fully enjoys that position.” The former N'Sync member added, “Nobody has gotten into the Hall of Fame looking this damn fine.”

The “Rock Your Body” singer even poked fun at his ex-girlfriend, Britney Spears. “The world is full of Madonna wannabes. I might have even dated a couple. But there is truly only one Madonna,” he said.