The Mexican actress will star in a telenovela within the ABC series

By People Staff
Updated October 29, 2007 01:00 PM
Cortesía: Luz Elena González

Mexican actress and model Luz Elena González will star in a telenovela within the show Ugly Betty (ABC). Some of the series' characters will get addicted to the show-within-a-show.

"I did some installments of a mini-telenovela that's being done within Ugly Betty, because Betty's family is Latina and they love Mexican telenovelas; so we were shooting all day," González, 37, told Mexican newspaper Reforma.

"In the mini-telenovela, which has a completely ridiculous tone, we all want to kill my husband; I do because he's unfaithful to me, his lover because he won't leave me, and his colleague because he fires him," the actress explained.

The actors Víctor Noriega and Altair Jarabo will also take part in the soap opera directed by producer Javier Williams, who's done shows like Sexo y Otros Secretos (Univisión).

The actress will participate in 15 installments of the show, but she still doesn't know when they will air.

González added that she would love to act in the comedy produced by Salma Hayek, which is why she's practicing her English. She also mentioned her respect for Hayek's success: "She's put Mexico's name on the map; she's got tons of experience and has been recognized for her work, and day by day she's a more important woman in the industry; so it would be interesting to meet her."