La Leona Dormida has a vendetta against the Hoy host, who supposedly made fun of her son

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 10, 2008
Credit: Agencia México

There's major drama going on between Lupita D'Alessio and Andrea Legarreta, and they're we're not talking about telenovelas here. The legendary Leona Dormida said she wanted to rip Legarreta's eyes out for making fun of her son, César, because he works in an ice cream shop.

La oreja (Televisa), reported that the actress sent a message to the host of Hoy, who received is and told the mother of Ernesto D'Alessio to calm down and reflect on her attitude.

“It's a little intense that Lupita D'Alessio harassed me like that on a national level. I advise her to get it right with God, because I know what God has done for many people,” said the 36-year-old host, who mentioned that she's found the “Mudanzas” singer to be very irritable lately, and explained that she never intended to make fun of her son.

“I suggest you calm down, and accept what life has given and taken away from you. I beg you to not be so bitter about life,” concluded Legarreta.