The singer said he didn't advise the career of the deceased artist, expressed sadness for the loss

Por People Staff
Updated Diciembre 05, 2007

Lupe Esparza denied that he guided the musical career of Zayda Peña Arjona after statements that he was her mentor were published following the murder of the 28-year-old grupera singer, who died after taking two bullets to the head in a hospital in Matamoros, Tamaulipas, in Mexico.

According to the show La oreja (Televisa), the leader of the Mexican band El Gigante de América explained that even though he's not against being called Peña Arjona's mentor, he doesn't remember having any influence on her career.

“It's been awhile since I've heard anything about her. Her talent has been lost. I'm really caught off-guard. I'm upset. I don't have words,” Esparza said.

When asked if the recent slew of violence that's been sweeping the grupera music scene has motivated him to increase security for his group, the singer responded: “We work with our own bodyguard – God.”