April 01, 2008 04:00 PM

Luis Miguel’s brother Sergio Gallego Basteri is looking to make it in the music industry without the help of his superstar sibling. The youngest in the Gallego Basteri family, Sergio has just debuted his first single “Car Crash” on radio stations in Jalisco, Mexico.

But despite his relation to Luismi, according to Mexican publication El Universal, the 22-year-old Gallego Basteri has had a modest debut, in that many radio stations simply aren’t playing his music.

It’s highly unlikely that Sergio will count on the support of his brother, Luis, since the two have not been close for years. Residing in Guadalajara, the youngest Gallego Basteri lives far away from the luxurious digs of his superstar brother, and is reportedly saddened by his estrangement from his brother.

For the time being, the singer is looking for a record label to represent him.

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