The Mexican singer says he's maturing and now he's more conscious of what his fans mean to him

Por People Staff
Updated Octubre 21, 2008

At age 38, with a small son, an alleged older daughter, another little girl on the way, a stable relationship, and a solid career, Luis Miguel assures that he's living the most mature years of his life, and that he's grown as a human being and as an artist.

“I feel like I've grown. I'm more calm, and I value affection from others more. I think I'm maturing in a positive way, and it's beautiful. I enjoy being with fans that have grown with me along the way,” said the Mexican singer during an interview with TN TV in Argentina, where the singer will give a concert in November.

The “No sé tú” singer claims he's embarking on a new stage in his life, and that he feels different. “I feel like things are better now,” said the crooner.

Regarding his wife Aracely Arámbula he stated that “I realize how significant that relationship is to me,” because “I've never felt this kind of intensity.”