October 14, 2008 10:00 AM

The U.S. economic crisis has even affected Luis Miguel, who planned on giving a concert in Madison Square Garden in New York City on October 13. The majority of tickets, however, went unsold.

Promoter Félix Cabrera, told El Día, that he took the initiative to suspend the 38-year-old’s concert.

“I prefer to lose the $75,000 I have to Luis Miguel in advance rather than lose $300 or $400 thousand in lost ticket sales,” said the well-known promoter.

“Nobody’s selling. Not even Radio City [Music Hall] and other prestigious concert venues. They’re all suspended,” said Cabrera.

A Ticketmaster representative explained to PeopleEnEspanol.com that bought tickets would be refunded. “If they paid with credit card, the amount of the ticket will be reimbursed within six to seven days. If it was bought with cash, ticket buyers should report to the ticket booths in Madison Square Garden.”

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