August 14, 2008 04:00 PM

Singer Lucero is suing Universal Music for not receiving royalties for the albums she’s recorded with Melody, a company owned by Universal, for the past 14 years.

La oreja (Televisa) reported that the singer, 38, said that Melody agreed to pay 10 years worth of royalties but never did.

“It’s a simple situation: the lawsuit is against Universal, because they bought Discos Melody, which later became Fonovisa and after that Univisión. And since Universal bought Univisión, they’re responsible for all of Melody’s contracts, obligations, and liabilities,” said the “Electricidad” and “Veleta” singer.

“The record company has been cheating this whole time, by putting out albums with my songs on them, but changing the covers and catalogs, and titles, and even creating version of songs where she’s singing duets with her husband, Manuel Mijares, whom she’s never recorded with before.

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