Get an exclusive first taste of Noelia's new English-language song "Caribbean Queen Reloaded," a modern version of Billy Ocean's 1984 hit

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 20, 2008
Courtesy of Noelia

After months of hard work -and staying away from scandals- Puerto Rican singer Noelia made one of her biggest dreams – recording an English album- a reality. Its first single “Caribbean Queen Reloaded,” is a remake of Billy Ocean's 1984 hit.

“Billy Ocean agreed to Noelia's modification of the lyrics, which was a very unique case because the famous singer and songwriter had never allowed his lyrics to be modified in any remake,” Jorge Reynoso, Noelia's rep stated.

The singer of “Cómo duele” started working on this crossover album last year, after touring in Europe and Latin America. Grammy-winning producer Kenny O'Brien and composer Andrew Lane collaborated on the album, a dynamic mix of pop, R&B, ballads and other surprise fusions.

The album hits stores the first week of July.

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Caribbean Queen Reloaded

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