The singer states the cocaine found in her possession wasn't hers
Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan sounded off in defense of the charges she's facing after the police arrested her for DUI and cocaine possession.

After being questioned by Access Hollywood about the latest scandal, the 21-year old actress decided to speak out, and in an e-mail she denied having done drugs. “I'm innocent, I did not do drugs, they're not mine,” she emphasized.

According to police reports, it all started with a call from a woman claiming that an SUV was chasing after her. When the cops arrived at the scene they found Lohan arguing, in a state of agitation, with the mother of one of her assistants, who she was allegedly chasing. “The mother of one of my assistants nearly crashed into me,” explained the actress who after failing a sobriety test was arrested and released after posting bail. Lohan faces up to six years in prison.

The latest arrest has provoked a reaction from her parents. While her mother, Dina, said that she was devastated, her father, Michael, who's alienated from Lindsay, stated that his daughter needs intensive and extensive treatment before she can move on with her life.