The performer was arrested for DUI and cocaine possession

Por People Staff
Updated Julio 24, 2007

Lindsay Lohan was arrested Tuesday for driving under the influence. She was also booked at the Santa Monica police station for cocaine possession and for driving with a suspended license.

Sergeant Robert Hernández of the Santa Monica Police Department told PEOPLE that around 1:34 AM on Tuesday the police received a call from the driver of a car alleging that an SUV was giving chase. When the police arrived at the site they discovered that 21-year old Lohan was the driver of the SUV suspected of the chase. After a sobriety test determined that her blood alcohol was .12 (the legal limit is .08) the actress was arrested. At the station the police found an undisclosed amount of cocaine in her possession.

According to the police, Lohan, although crying and visibly angry, was fully cooperative. After posting a $25,000 bond she was released. Last week the singer was officially booked for DUI and for leaving the scene of a car collision that took place last May. Eleven days ago she completed rehab at Promises, the very same facility where Britney Spears was also in rehab.