The singer teamed up with Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation and Ford Motor Company Fund to change the lives of students.

By Thatiana Diaz
November 29, 2016 06:06 PM
Latin GRAMMY in The Schools

People en Español’s November cover star and musical artist Leslie Grace joined forces with the Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation and Ford Motor Company Fund to donate $20,000 in musical instruments for the music program at Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists.

Grace, a Bronx native, surprised the students and presented the check and instruments during an afternoon event moderated by Univision’s television host Birmania Rios. The singer spoke about her personal journey through the industry and urged the students to follow their passion in the arts.

The program was followed by a musical act from the students and a special performance by Grace, who let out a few tears while watching the students showcase their talents. “It was just the moment. Being here with these students and seeing them be so passionate like I am and once was at their same age while in school. Seeing how they play their instruments and the pride of their professors while they watch them play,” she tells Chica about her emotional moment on stage. “A lot of students may have immense talent, untapped potential for music, but they never get to develop it because they never had the resources.”

Leslie Grace performs at Bronx Studio School for Writers and Artists. 
Latin GRAMMY in the Schools

Grace advised young musicians lacking financial resources to look into programs in their cities and to consult with the people around them. “I would encourage them to let their passion be known to their parents or guardians and surround themselves with people that will support them in [their dreams],” she says.

And what’s next for the recording artist? She tells Chica exclusively that another single, from her upcoming album, will be released before the year ends. Fans can expect the album in February or March of 2017 and Leslie reveals that it will leave fans saying, “Whoa, where did this come from?”

Be sure to catch Leslie at the 17th annual Latin Grammy Awards on November 17th!