The daughter of the legendary Héctor Lavoesaid she was hurt after watching El cantante
Marc Anthony & Jennifer Lopez

The biopic of Héctor Lavoe featuring Jennifer López, 38, and Marc Anthony, 38, entitled El cantante is the talk of Puerto Rico. After the premiere in the island, Leslie Pérez, the daughter of the legendary artist said she was disappointed by the plot's negative point of view.

“They didn't touch upon him as a father. It's the father part that I wanted to see when I gave them the information. Also, they left out the chemistry he had with his fans, that's why Héctor Lavoe lives on,” as she put it to Primera hora, after lamenting the fact that the movie focuses only on the dark side of her father.

The movie shows the artist's life with his second wife, Nilda Puchi Román, recreating the drama of the couple's addiction to drugs. “I didn't like that,” added Ms. Pérez, who also pointed out that she hasn't expressed her opinion to Jennifer López, one of the movie's producers.