August 07, 2008 11:00 AM

Although Laura Zapata said there was no possibility of ever having a relationship with her mother Yolanda Miranda again, this Wednesday, the actress spoke with Miranda, signaling the possibility for a reconciliation within the Sodi family.

According to the Mexican daily El Universal, they encountered each other at a hearing in Mexico City, where the actress, 51, has filed a lawsuit against an architect who is responsible for alleged damages to her home.

According to sources, her and her mother spoke for a few minutes before teh hearing. After the discussion, Miranda, who is also Thalía’s mother, declared to the press that they are a “very happy family.”

This brief encounter could mean that Miranda is trying to reconcile with her daughters Laura, Thalía, and Ernestina Sodi, ending years of family quarreling and resentment.

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