The actress cannot forgive Mrs. Yolanda Miranda even if she begs her for forgiveness. Zapata says she's happy with her life and doesn't need her mother in it!

Por People Staff
Updated Mayo 14, 2008
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Even though Yolanda Miranda has expressed regret for many of her past actions, that has not been enough to convince her eldest daughter Laura Zapata -Thalia's half sister- to forgive her. Televisa's show La oreja reported that Zapata is not interested in restoring their mother-daughter bond.

Apparently Zapata's wounds have not healed. However, Miranda went on daughter Thalia's radio show Conexión Thalía on (ABC Radio) to say she really wanted to reunite with Zapata and be as close to her as she is to her other daughters.

“These are family matters that should not be made public, there's a long history, many things in the past that led to this separation. It's not a matter of just saying what you want because it's not Christmas,” the 51-year-old actress stated. Zapata added she's happy the way she is, without being close to her mother or sisters.

The actress withdrew from her family in 2006, after her sister Ernestina Sodi published a controversial book where she said Zapata knew the kidnappers who took both sisters hostage in 2002.