According to the actress, Thalía called her to share the news an hour before did
Laura Zapata
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Still recovering from thyroid surgery a couple of months ago in Mexico City, actress Laura Zapata, 50, was thrilled with the news that sister Thalía, 35, is pregnant.

How did you take the news about Thalia's pregnancy?
This morning, about an hour ago, I got a call from my sister Thalía with the news. It has made me so happy! I wish her well, a beautiful pregnancy. I think she is in a moment of grace, because women who are receptacles of new life have been touched by the hand of God. I'm so happy. I know it's going to be a girl, her daughter, and well, I wish her the best. May God keep her healthy and [I hope] that everything is wonderful.

Do you think this news will unite the family?
Well, I'm sharing this with my sister Thalía, who is definitely with whom I need to share her happiness and joy. I haven't thought about it beyond that. I love her happiness. I'm also thrilled about it, about what she's going through. But will it bring us together…? I haven't thought about that. I'm close to the people I love and who love me in my family. I speak daily with my sister Gabriela. I spoke with Thalía. I'm happy with her news. I don't expect anything else. I'm not interested in anything else.

How are you feeling after your thyroid surgery?
I'm feeling really well. My body is adapting to new hormonal [levels]. I'm taking my thyroid substitute and, since the surgery, my vocal chords have been a bit swollen, my voice has been a bit weak, but it's sort of been a consequence of everything.

How much longer do you have to take it easy?
There is no firm timetable. I have to rest but, somehow, I have to wait now for my vocal chords to return to their pearly color, which is what they should look like, and for the swelling in the entire throat area to go down.

You are so used to working. Has this whole process been difficult for you?
Sometimes life tells you to “stop” and you have to do it. I've done other things here around the house, like arranging my photo albums. I'm working on my nutritional products business and I've gone back to swimming almost a mile every day.

¿Have you put some projects on hold?
I had to cancel my trip to New York with my play Cautivas,, which was set to begin June 23rd, because I didn't feel like my voice was strong enough to perform on stage for four hours. We'll set another date. And as far as the CD of ranchero ballads that I want to record, I'm still in talks with various producers. Once that's set, we'll pick the songs. I hope to have it ready by the end of the year.